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Edwin R. from Rochester

At the recommendation of an employer at a local Job Fair, I sought out John Adams and set up a time with him to review Franchising as an option for my next career move. John was recommended for his contacts, expertise and professionalism.

That recommendation was well founded and resulted in an approximately 2 month long series of meetings and communication to explore Franchising. Although I ultimately did not pursue Franchising personally, my time working with  John through this process has yielded other concrete results that I will carry forward to my own professional career and behavior within that career. I learned some valuable things about myself, and my interests with this process and his assistance with it. John is an experienced professional interested in your success.

During our very first meeting to discuss the path forward and options, he gave me several individuals as network contacts not necessarily connected to franchising as my future. We also began the Franchising assessment process, which is a part of evaluating your personalized preferences and strengths and aligning them with franchising opportunities. I found this activity particularly helpful as we proceeded. Each step of this process was facilitated with a face to face conversation with John, and a step by step process of evaluation, results analysis and options for moving forward.

Each step was conducted in a friendly manner and there never was pressure from John to close the deal and move on. This is the greatest compliment I could provide about John and the process he utilizes. He truly practices what is discussed much but still rare: He does not put his interests ahead of yours. Your success will be a better measure of the his collaboration with you than your being an active Franchisee. To be clear, he did uncover and present some very attractive Franchising options to me. There were a number that would have been a great fit, and John emphasized repeatedly that the decision was mine. He also made it very clear throughout that should I wish to proceed with one of the “Yes” candidates identified, that he would be there as an advocate throughout the process of launching and running that business.

I would heartily recommend John as a knowledgeable, supportive professional advocate for anyone seeking to investigate Franchising.

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