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There are many franchises in today’s markets, with more than 3,100 franchise concepts available in almost 100 industries. Not only are franchise opportunities and franchise sales abundant, they also account for more than $2.3 trillion dollars every year in revenue and are responsible for the employment of more than 21 million people. The purchase of a franchise opportunity includes many benefits that traditional business opportunities fail to provide, such as training, tested and proven operating systems, marketing programs, startup assistance and ongoing support just to name a few. For many individuals who are ready to take their first steps as entrepreneurs, investing in one of the top franchise opportunities represents a way for individuals to pursue their dreams with minimized risk. When the benefits of a franchise are coupled with the guidance provided by a FranNet franchise consultant, prospective entrepreneurs are able to maximize their chances of success. 

What is the best franchise for sale? What are the top franchises for sale? These questions are difficult to answer because they are dependent on the person asking the question. The best franchise opportunity is the one that best fits you and your needs – and every person has different goals in mind. To answer these questions, we encourage you to contact your FranNet Franchise Consultant by filling out the Interest Form to the right. You can also visit our consultant page, or enter your zip code in the field on the top-right side of the page to find a consultant near you. Our services are completely free of charge with no obligation, and we are happy to help you achieve your dreams.

Which franchise opportunity is ideal for you?

Listed below are many types of franchises, from restaurants and food industries, to retail and more. We encourage you to use the links below to explore the various categories of franchises that are available to help determine which may or may not be of interest to you. For more information about the specific franchises available in your area, simply contact your local FranNet Franchise Consultant.

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